What should have been an amazing start to a wonderful journey, actually started with a lot of “Euhg” and “Meh.”
Should I write in Dutch? (My native language, so please forgive any mistakes now that, ironically enough, I’ve chosen to write in English.) (I’ll explain the irony later.) Or, should I write in English? I did decide to write in English, since I have a massive ego problem and I thought my voice needed to be heard everywhere. Jk. But, not really jk.

I feel like I really have something to share, but I’m scared to. Most of it, will be sharing, for the sake of me sharing my stuffs. Because I need to get rid of stuffs. Ideas, photos, I need to put it out there because otherwise; brainsplosion.
I don’t think anyone will stumble upon my internetderps anytime soon, so I should be save for now. Get the freaky stuff out while I can, y’know? I’m really busy moving right now, and ‘cozifying’ the new house. Speaking of cozifying, whenever I hear the word ‘cozify’ it reminds me of the word ‘crucify’ which is not something that I associate with home decor, but I’m not on top of the trends, so I wouldn’t know.

But seriously, who uses the word ‘Cozify?!’



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